How to install a cold storage sliding door

The quality of a cold storage installation depends to a large extent on the installation of the door. It is the throat of the cold storage, the cold room door is also the main part of the management. Linble will show you how to install a sliding door with high quality.

1.Door frame installation: the door frame will be wrapped with pull rivets on the edge, the upper horizontal door frame, both sides of the vertical door frame along the doorway with pull rivets fixed in the library body. Then install the PCT self-limiting heating wire in the groove in the middle of the frame, and apply silicone-type glass glue to cover the cover strip. The rated voltage of the heating wire is 220V or 36V and the power is 15W/M.

2. Upper slide installation: 1.5-50px along the upper edge of the plastic door frame will be fixed on the aluminum track in the library body, aluminum hole diameter of 11mm, on the φ10 * 100 bolts, the library tighten the nuts, civil library with expansion bolts fixed on the brick wall.

3. Hang the door body and adjust: put the nylon wheel set into the rail, adjust the distance between the door body and the door frame, so that the distance between the sliding door body and the door frame is the same up and down and ensure the seal.

4. Installation of the lower pressing device: fix the lower pressing wheel with φ10 expansion screws on the floor on both sides of the door frame, pay attention to the distance and position of the door hole, and adjust the positioning wheel so that the distance between the door body and the door frame is the same up and down and ensure sealing.

5. Install the lock seat: the sliding door body should be in the middle of the door frame when it is closed, pay attention to finding the position of the lock seat when installing the lock seat.


Post time: Nov-16-2022

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